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small groups.


we know that experiences and relationship building is an integral part of children's development.  at maryland MSF, we believe in creating opportunities for children to achieve therapeutic goals in the most functional AND fun way.   we offer a variety of groups both in clinic and in the community to support children of all ages and help their caregivers gain confidence and empower them with knowledge.

current group offerings.

  1. Book Club + Social Group (ages 7+)

  2. Board Games + Social Group (ages 4+)

  3. Coffee + Milk: Coffee+Milk: a group for caregivers and their babies to talk about development and feeding

  4. TummyTime!  Children ages 3m+ with oral dysfunction, frenectomies, or motor needs

  5. Transitional Feeding: 6m-18m

  6. Selective Eaters Group (all ages)

  7. Move, Grove, Chat (toddlers ages 18m-36m)

  8. Sensory Play: art and food fun!

  9. Neurodivergent Big Kids (ages 9+): Special interests and social get together

Please note: we try to keep groups ongoing with open enrollment.  filling out the interest form below helps us gauge what you are looking for, your location, and if there's a current option for you or the potential for one to be formed!

inquire here!

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